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Final cut of all the New Orleans footage

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My final cut of my 2017 New Orleans adventures.

After returning a few months back, I released a video that was an edit of my entire show "Where the Road Takes Us", that had been shot by Blake from WWOZ on 3 cameras. At that time I spent a few weeks editing the footage together into one long take.

After that had been done, I ran out of steam to actually make the video the way I wanted. So, here now, is the final cut. This is the footage from the show, cut in an order I like, as well interspersed with all the other video I took down in Nola, such as confessionals, streets, busking, etc.

Anyways, quite happy to have finally finished this. One more historical video of past performances to go, then onto my short movie with the final 25 demo tracks from Apophenia. Then I am almost all caught up and can get back to being presently creative.

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