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Apophenia was a project to release 365 original songs, one a day for a year. I began the project in 2016, getting around 120 songs done, several videos, the beginnings of distribution system, and more. I discontinued the project for now, due to changing priorities to work on launching a game development studio. I didn't want it to fade away with away in obscurity, so here is the sketches, warts and all.

14 of the songs I wrote for Apophenia that fell into the "sleazy punkish rock" genre from the album were plucked and released as my 2020 album Butterknife. Listen to that here.

Original Trailer
Mega mix of the Apophenia demo tracks

This a massive mix of the first draft versions of the songs, over 90 present. These are not properly mixed, polished, or finished. They capture the idea, but the plan was to re-record them when the ideas cemented. Maybe one day. Highly recommended to us headphones since they aren't mastered.

songs in mix (left to right)

the cross tunnel
a fucking shame
are these the sins
honey breathe
she eats souls
the woman and the puddle
promises in need
i barely know it's christmas anymore
a simple goodbye
nowhere man
the reckoning
kill me
el sacrificio por una muerta
on perryman road
the unmistakable allure of middle management
why is now the way it is
little wise
for how long
habit (slow)
everybody's going to die
as real
the cartographer
on safe from harm

music, dirt, heat
positive things
water, don't go to waste
the hope song
between them bards
a seer of sorts
colors can change your mind
back on that road again
frozen on a sunny day
the rain i don't mind
the last thing i said to you
my little man, his little cat
wondering walksize
the right
we used to see stars
what you don't see
there must be a reason
walking away
i've got my cheese
half light
fallen star
hell is other people
i can see for miles
love or bust
pretend, say hide
sad faces
once it's down to one
radio silence
old boy

it's good theatre

goodbye november

crash and pray

everything but the dream

misfortunate lovers

the backside of high

then so be it

warm blood leaving

song for the nearly departed 

i'm fooling me

hit the brakes

this is going somewhere

she's my familiar

with the medicine

my new addiction

miss you to death

grey pink sky

dream her down

stay seated

the old guard

almost too late


cause no one

can't be holding on

anxious & attached

can i love you come december

co-dependents day

dream awake

i want to scream for your touch

come in traction


Apophenia Mobile App

I thought hard about how I was going to release a song a day for a year and keep people interested. Twitter? Instagram, etc? That felt uninspired and not in the spirit of the DIY nature of this.


So, I decided I'd make a mobile app that I could use to deliver news, videos, etc, with the main feature being each day a new song would unlock. It had push notifications that would alert people, a donated (paid) version where you had access to the whole library...You could favorite songs...I even thought about extrapolating the code into a framework for a way for any band to white label the app and release their albums, provide live footage, calendar events/concerts/but tickets, special features like chat with the band, etc. Alas, eyes too big and all that. 

The Font

I had this idea that to make everything seem really personal, it had to be done in my handwriting. So, I used a tool to make a true type font set from my handwriting. It's the font used in the Apophenia mobile app above.

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