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2009 - The Pandora Yearns for the Dead!

A homebrew roundup was recently published regarding gestating software for the Pandora, and my game, tentatively called "The Dead Yearn for the Living!" was given a nice little featurette. As well, there are some other awesome looking open source titles worth checking out...

The graphics you see here are strictly placeholders drawn by yours truly. The finished version will have finely drawn comic book style pieces illustrated by Steven Piscione.

I haven't had a whole lot of time to devote to it lately due to the new job and spending most of my cycles learning the back roads of the Android framework, but as soon as things die down I plan on hitting the C++ pipe a bit hard.

Currently, the majority of the heavy lifting is done.

The eventing framework, rendering engine, sprite managers and caches, collision utilities, and level handlers are all finished (with only level specific instances needing to be created) I have a few enemies running about, and the player currently has a crudely drawn shotgun which he can fire at will. I (and Steven) haven't really fleshed out the play mechanics yet, as I have really been focused mainly on the engine core. Now that I am satisfied with that, it should get much more fun quickly with integrating artwork and stringing together some real levels! If perchance someone reads this blog and would like to help, please feel free to shout.

Head over here to take a quick peek at the game.

p.s. It's the one by "authoreyes" :)

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