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2010 - The shotty level editor

This is a java-based application/tool used for generating tile sets and data files that can be imported into tile mapping engines. It will allow you take load in image files, assign properties to the brushes, and "paint" a level to be exported. This can be any arbitrary sized map, and upon ripping it will compress the image into unique 16 x 16 tiles in photo strip format.

I developed this to work in conjunction with the current game I am developing for the Pandora (but doesn't require my C++ game. Could work with anything that can handle the input). Since the rendering code, event handling, etc is mostly done, time has come that I develop some tools for actually building the levels. Hence, this quick app was whipped up over the last week during off hours. It works well for my purposes, but there are still many todo's like undo/copy/paste functionality. It is open source, so if anyone wants to mess around/improve it, please feel free.

In leiu of a manual, there is a 10 minute video tutorial (and the end of this post) that explains the basics of usage. I have no idea if anyone will find this useful, but hopefully someone may. (edit: The video is part of the programming montage video on this page)

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