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SerenadeMe was a business I co-founded in 2013 that provided custom produced music as per user’s requests. The business allowed people to select a genre, instrumentation, performer style, and add lyrical hints in order to receive an mp3 and custom designed cd perfect for gifts, events, special moments. Discontinued in 2015.


SerenadeMe at the BuiltInChicago event officially announcing launch in 2013.

Watch the SerenadeMe Story
Listen to SerenadeMe produced songs
Logo Design Concepts
Serenado Mascot Designs

SerenadeMe had a mascot! Serenado was the little dude that was making all those lovely jingles from the heart. The idea was for him to have his own cartoon adventures as a marketing tactic, which never materialized. Still, love the little guy.

Website Images

A few photos that show the experience of placing an order on the SerenadeMe website.

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