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An Update

Friday, March 31, 2017

In a way, typing thoughts out has become a bit abhorrent. Possibly a bit of exhaustion, racing too hard, too fast, or possibly a bit too long. And as such, updates have been less frequent. Not to say, though, that there has been a creative inertia. More of a working perfectionism.  A while back, After the first 101 songs were recorded, I realized my process was a bit flawed, a bit too cumbersome in the mixing/mastering/transfer phase, and it was causing me to shy away from making minor tweaks as the whole export down would take an hour or so, per song. Which was fine, until I realized gain levels were off for the lot of them. Mostly I think it was an unwillingness at any point to say something was "complete". It's odd how the concept of finality, for even a single song, has become a frightening prospect. So, I left everything in a mostly complete state, eyeing that glorious moment when I knew everything would be right to say, "and now I finish it".

After so many years on this Earth, you'd think I'd have a handle on that such naivety, but apparently not. What ended up happening was a centennial lot of music that became daunting to adjust. Luckily, there is a level of zen to performing a somewhat repetative task, and for a few weeks I spent doing what were mostly automaton tasks of changing how each song worked with Logic, Ozone, and the other various effects.

And now, it is done. Each song is now a simple, friendly bit of clay I can quickly and painlessly mold as my ears grow to it's subtleties. It's funny how, when in the weeds, you loose sight of your intentions. The idea of this project, late 2015, was 365 songs I could tinker with, simply change anywhere and anyhow, and over time it became this, dare I say, enterprise level tangle of complexity. Well, no more, I say.

So hopefully, with much of the overhead sliced neatly off the top, I'll be back as a nimble cat in pursuit of capturing those fleeing highs and lows, and momentary insights that sound so important for the moment they exist.

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