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And now

Updated: May 3, 2020

Monday, February 26, 2018

After New Orleans, after months of re-mixing, re-mastering, learning, indecision, and so on, I have started recording my first new song in many long months.

In that time I have come up with many sketches, ideas, lyrics, but I hadn't actually recorded anything as I wanted to feel confident that everything I have recorded since 2016 felt as good as I can get it with my abilities. And I think I am there.

With this, a new song, "On Perryman Road". In a way, those first 100 odd songs represented violent change within myself. Even physically. My appearance then, even my hair, was angular, jagged and defiant. I was in a way working through a mid life crisis of such, and as so, stylistically I almost re-lived my metal/punk/rock youth, and it came through the music. As well, my earliest years entranced with Michael Jackson and funk-pop.

Now, I am excited about seeing where this current incarnation of myself goes. Of course it's all still me, but experience can not be dismissed, and some how, I feel now is something more unique.

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