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Major site updates!

I've been working hard on getting this site updated with all the stuff I have in my personal archives. My goal is to not have older things I worked on just waste away in silence on a hard drive somewhere, so during breaks from working on Inspired I've done the following updates:


  • various UI improvements

  • added a SerenadeMe retrospective with:

    • a short documentary video

    • a mega mix of songs we produced for customers

    • artwork from the site & graphic design

  • added an Apophenia retrospective with:

    • mega mix of ~90 songs

    • video demo of the mobile app I was building for it

    • the short film & trailer

  • videos updated:

    • boyhood video vhs mix

    • commodore 64 games I wrote growing up

    • solo music performances

    • jam videos with eric and john

    • maxie's first episode of "Old Grace County"

    • recut of my artist residency in New Orleans

    • recut of my "Dogs Bark at Strangers" album release concert

    • recut of some of my Little Prince Cafe performances

    • video of various mobile apps I worked on

    • video of various old game projects & tools I worked on

  • photos

    • major rework - split into music sections (live performance & studio gear) and travel (cities, countries, events)

  • writing

    • release of my poetry chapbook, "blur about the sin"

Coming soon:

  • a place for Max's artwork and various photos

  • more videos, mostly travel & music

  • a draft of the novel I worked on for years entitled "A Bloom on the Fall"

  • integration/dev blog with fingersonthemoon

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