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One Small Step

Monday, September 5, 2016

Such a huge albatross hoisted from the body. Today I sent out the first batch (76) songs to other prospective artists to contribute. That quantity was rather arbitrary - at some point a few months ago some internal alarm went off and said "time to stop recording new things and finish what you have". So I obliged and spent the following two months deciding on the overall effect chain, etc.

Now, those have been wrapped up (in honesty, there is one song collaboration that requires a bit more tuning, but it's a trivial update on my end). It gives me such a sense of peace to know I can now go back to being a carefree songwriter and less a stressed engineer/producer. So, what's next.

First thing, I need to upgrade my osx to El Capitan. I had been avoiding it for months due to compatibility issues with some of the effects plugins I use. Lots of my music software is somewhat esoteric and built by small teams, so when Apple inevitably decides to break everything with an update, sometimes ye olde plugins take a while to get updated, or worse fall by the wayside. Hopefully everything still works, and if not, I suppose it's ok as those songs are finished, and the new ones will just avoid those plugins. El Capitan is needed for my iOS app, since Swift has changed a bunch and I need to upgrade Xcode and Swift for the app. So I need to finish the iOS app (it's really early on) and the android app first. Android is almost done, really only needing AWS S3 to be added for the music/image storage (currently I am hosting the songs elsewhere, but it's not a wise final resting place for them). Then, get back to songwriting/recording, and back to casually working on the novel as well. 

It never ends (thank the almighty).


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