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The Way of the Future

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Over the past few months, as I've worked on the music, a tangent thread has run in my mind, wondering how to possibly release this album.

Surely 365 songs won't fit on a CD, won't kindly fit in a single Amazon album (at least I am guessing). Besides, I hadn't been convinced that was the best way to distribute this. Thought maybe a nicely branded USB stick, but that doesn't make it easy for anyone to listen to. There is this blog, but checking a website daily seems rather pase now-a-days. Finally, there's the likes of Soundcloud, et al, but that seemed so anti-climactic, feeding a single song a day down the raging river of daily Soundcloud releases.

Then about 2 weeks ago, the idea hit me. Build an app around this. So, that's what I did.The Android app is wrapping up development right now and will be released soon, and I'll get to the iOS app in the next two months. Basically, it's an app that plays the daily song, shows artwork, notes, news...what you'd expect. And for those that wish to purchase it/donate, will get access to the full 365 song library to be played at will.

I think this app came out really well. So excited to share it. I actually built my own font for it, so here's a photo of my handwritten font.

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