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To Dream or Not

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I don't tend to dream very much, or at least recall much of a dream upon waking. I'm guessing I must at times be having some level of intense dream, because often I wake up very agitated.

The one thing I can say I do often is wake with ideas. For this reason, I always keep a voice recorder and tablet close by. When I was younger I used to think I'd just remember my midnight ideas and thoughts, but after years of wasting them in the wee hours of night never to be remembered in daylight, I started making sure if something seemed interesting it was recorded in the easiest fashion.

Last night, woke quickly in a hotel bed with mostly an entire short story on my mind. I quickly typed it up on my Surface in Skrivener (excellent little program I'm currently using for my novel). This story though was self-contained and suited well form short form. Almost a sci-fi cautionary example future type of thing. Typed much of it up last night and it just needs a few rounds of filling in the details and editing and then hopefully I can get it published somewhere before whatever real future occurs overtakes this imagined one and renders it obsolete.

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